Designed and validated by scientists from Goldsmiths and UCL, META is a psychometric Measure of Entrepreneurial Talent and Abilities: an online profiling tool developed to assess people's entrepreneurial potential. It does so by exploring the four core competencies of entrepreneurial talent: Creativity, Opportunism, Proactivity and Vision.

For VCs, Incubators and Seed-funds

META is the only scientific tool designed to identify entrepreneurial potential and predict entrepreneurial success.

Use META to:

  • Select people with genuine entrepreneurial potential
  • Benchmark them against global norms
  • Develop their potential: building on strengths, managing weaknesses, and increasing self-awareness
  • Build entrepreneurial teams – put together the right combination of talents to maximise the chances of success

For Businesses and Organisations

META identifies entrepreneurial potential in order to help businesses and organisations nurture and retain their entrepreneurial talent.

Use it to:

  • Recruit and select people with entrepreneurial potential
  • Identify the hidden entrepreneurial talent in your organisation and provide a framework for its development
  • Build high-performing teams, ensuring the best possible combination of people in order to maximise creative thinking, innovation and growth