Can you identify the transformational talent in your business?

Talent management

How entrepreneurial are your people?

Entrepreneurs are opportunists who, through their creativity, drive and vision, create economic or social value. They ask: “Why do we do things this way and how can we do things better?” Yet almost all entrepreneurs begin their careers working for others, and leave only because their talents are not recognised or understood.

Imagine harnessing that talent for disruptive innovation in your business. Designed and validated by internationally renowned academic psychologists, META is a psychometric Measure of Entrepreneurial Talent and Abilities: an online profiling tool designed to help businesses identify, understand and retain their entrepreneurial talent.

Use Meta to...

  • Recruit and select people with entrepreneurial potential
  • Identify the hidden entrepreneurial talent in your organisation and provide a framework for its development
  • Build high-performing teams, ensuring the best possible combination of people in order to maximise creative thinking, innovation and growth

Organisational development

How entrepreneurial is your organisation?

The natural cycle of most organisations is from innovation and opportunism, via growth, to protection, atrophy, crisis and, ultimately, either extinction or transformation.

The measure of a truly competitive organisation is the extent to which it can break this cycle; the extent to which, regardless of size, it remains entrepreneurial.

META-Culture is a 45 item measure of the key characteristics of the entrepreneurial organisation.

Use Meta-culture to...

  • Identify the drivers and blockers of entrepreneurial behaviours in your organisation
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of key teams (including leadership teams)
  • Create internal benchmarks which drive best practice

VCs, incubators & accelerators

Identifying tomorrow's entrepreneurs

Billions of dollars flow into start-ups every year and only a relatively small percentage of those businesses go on to success.

How can investors improve their chances of finding the great businesses of tomorrow? META is the only scientific tool able to identify entrepreneurial talent and predict entrepreneurial success.

Use Meta to...

  • Select people with genuine entrepreneurial potential
  • Develop their potential: building on strengths, managing weaknesses, and increasing self-awareness
  • Build entrepreneurial teams – put together the right combination of talents to maximise the chances of success

Emerging economies

Entrepreneurs in emerging economies

Entrepreneurial activity is vital to economic growth and employment in developing countries but while emerging and developing economies have a large number of micro-firms and some large firms, they have far fewer growth-oriented Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) than are found in developed economies.

Key to developing this ‘missing middle’ is the identification of people with the potential, not just to start businesses, but to rapidly grow them and to employ others. META is the only scientific tool specifically designed to identify entrepreneurial potential and predict entrepreneurial success and it has been validated with people from over 25 different countries.

Use Meta to...

  • Identify people with the potential, not just to start businesses but to grow them
  • Benchmark them against global norms
  • Develop their potential: building on strengths, managing weaknesses, and increasing self-awareness